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New innovation centre for organic agriculture

A new innovation centre will be established in Denmark on July 1st to continually develop innovative solutions within the Danish organic agriculture and food sector and to strengthen Denmark’s position globally.

Danish farmers have for a long time been talented at producing organic foods. The organic agricultural area in Denmark is increasing and more organic foods end up in consumers shopping baskets. With the Danish Government’s ambition to double the organic farm area in Denmark by 2030 and to ensure the production of organic food to be profitable, it is necessary to collaborate and come up with new solutions that accommodate these goals.

Collaboration will strengthen the organic food sector

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Organic Denmark are to establish a new innovation centre for organic agriculture in Agro Food Park in Aarhus. The aim is to innovate sustainable solutions and to reduce the climate footprint within organic farming while maintaining Denmark’s organic leading position on the international markets. Through the Finance Act, there is allocated 10 million DKK each year in the period of 2021-2024 for the centre.

Farmers can use the innovation centre to exchange knowledge and thus create more value for each other. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Organic Denmark already have a department each where they develop innovative solutions for organic farming. But, by collaborating and using everyone’s skills they expect to strengthen the Danish organic industry. The centre will among other conduct research, experiments and collect and disseminate knowledge about organic foods.

Source: Landbrug & Fødevarer (in Danish)