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New elite education for Danish farmers

Innovation and new technologies in precision agriculture are the focal point for a new education program that will strengthen talent development and spread innovative initiatives in Danish agriculture.

From January 2019, 20-25 selected Danish farmers will be able to participate in a new talent program to develop their leadership skills and strengthen their knowledge of new technologies, better data usage and business development. The new education is funded by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, and aims at contributing to a new culture for talent development and further education in agriculture.

“It has to be attractive for our young people to choose a career in agriculture. Therefore, we also need an education that can lead the way. This talent program aims to reach ambitious young farmers who already have gathered some experience, and now sees new opportunities in agriculture”, says the Danish Environment and Food Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Participants in the new elite education must be prepared to take the leading role in future agriculture, where technological development provides new opportunities for both increasing earnings and reducing environmental impact. This includes new precision technologies that can help fertilizers and pesticides to be more targeted. Such things are good for both farmers, the economy and for the environment.

Martin Merrild, Chairman of Danish Agriculture & Food Council, says:

“Consumers worldwide demand products that are produced with care for nature, environment and the climate. Denmark is far ahead, but Danish farmers will in the future work more strategically with innovation and business development, including the use of data, sensors and robots that can minimize environmental impact and maximize the farmer’s bottom line. To accommodate this there is a need to expand the farmer’s knowledge.”

Source: Ministry of Environment and Food