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New Danish salmon farm in Dubai will be ready for use by 2020

For a three-digit million amount, the Danish construction company Gråkjær A/S will build a salmon farm in Dubai. The farm is going to deliver approx. 2,5 million kg. salmon per year.

The CEO of the construction company Gråkjær A/S, Jan Larsen, believes the future includes several land-based fish production facilities located close to major cities. Jan Larsen also believes that aquaculture will become as big as for example agriculture. Now the company has a contract on a project in South Africa and is negotiating several projects, including in Germany.

It will cost a three-digit million to built the salmon farm in Dubai. “The fact that a large farm is being built in Dubai shows that there is trust in that salmon can be completely prepared for slaughter weight in a land-based plant, so we expect to grow in that area,” says Jan Larsen, Managing Director.

The salmon farm in Dubail will be ready for use by 2020, and it will deliver approx. 2500 tonnes of salmon.

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Source: Fødevare Watch