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New cattle feed concept is based on Danish protein

Danish Agro have just launched a new ecological cattle feed concept, with the main ingredient being Danish produced protein.

The new cattle feed concept, Logi Kvæg Beany, is produced out of a principle of proximity, as the horse beans, corn, bran and peas as a starting point, are pure Danish raw materials. The other protein raw materials in this feed concept, such as rapeseed, rapeseed cakes, sunflower cakes, and grass products can originate from other European countries.

‘’In Danish Agro we work actively with a number of different measures, whose aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from the protein, used in our feed production. Danish produced protein works very well as main ingredient in this feed concept’’, says Henning Fogh, CEO of Danish Agro.

New feed mixtures with Danish Protein has a many advantages

At the same time, newly developed feed mixtures with Danish protein reduces the dependence of protein import for feed production, which has a number of advantages:

‘’With the new mixtures, Danish Agro offers a strong alternative to the ecological soja protein, which has been difficult obtain in a good quality. At the same time, the new feed concept is a natural result of the focus, Danish Agro has concerning alternative protein sources. There has been an emphasis on a principle of proximity, without compromising quality or stabilty’’ explains Kent Mathiesen, market manager for cattle and ecology at Danish Agro.

Logi Kvæg Beany is developed as a series of mixtures, so there can be found a solution to most feed plans and the series covers protein levels from 15% to 28% and 4% to 9%.

Source: Danish Agro