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Less waste, more fish

Scanvaegt Systems A/S introduces the new Marelec Portio Jet – a waterjet portion cutter for fish. With great precision both optimise the yield of the raw material and ensure a higher price per kilo fish.

The Marlec Portio Jet is a state-of-the-art waterjet cutter based on more than 15 years successful experience in portioning.

With a new high-pressure-based cutting technology, the processing company can simultaneously optimise earnings and reduce waste on cutting salmon and the entire category of white fish such as cod, halibut, plaice, saithe, Alaska pollock and hake. Further, the program includes waterjet portion cutters for cutting chicken, pork and beef.

The Marlec Portio Jet is designed to portion fish fillets such as salmon or white fish into predetermined customised shapes while maintaining fixed weights, thus maximising the yield.

It is equipped with a camera, used to measure the height, length and width of the fish in a split second, and laser which in combination scans the fish with the highest accuracy, while the intelligent cutting algorithm calculates the optimum cutting pattern.

Utilising side streams

Typical applications include cutting salmon filets into fixed-weight loin portions, belly trim and tail section. Side streams can, however, be cut into strips and cubes. The same goes for white fish fillets, which can be portioned into several fixed-weight portions as well.

“The price of the piece that sits on the salmon’s back, for example, is much higher than the price of the rest of the salmon. The cut is called loin and is the fish’s tenderloin, which is of a better quality than the fillet. By cutting larger loins, the company will be able to increase earnings by up to four percent,” says Peter Toft, International Business Manager at Scanvaegt Systems A/S to Fødevarefokus.

The software collects all production data from the waterjet and allows it to generate production reports for each shift or program and to trace changes at machine level. In that way enabling users to remotely take programs offline and monitor the status of the machine using an event log.

Focus on hygiene

The waterjet cutter complies with the most stringent hygiene standards. The open structure of the portioning machine allows it to be fully cleaned using a pressure washer and disinfected on the inside and outside.

Moreover, all cabinets with electrics and electronics have a unique drying system to prevent the build-up of condensation.

Source: Scanvaegt Systems A/S