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Introducing the world’s first producer of beverages made on coffee leaves

Danish beverage company Twisted Leaf is the first in the world to develop a beverage made from coffee leaves, a by-product from coffee production. With their pioneering spirit and innovation, Twisted Leaf has created a completely new revenue stream for both themselves and the coffee farmers.

Magnus Meyer Harrison was working for an artisan coffee producer when he discovered that coffee leaves are used in Ethiopian beverages made by indigenous peoples and ethnic groups. Following that, he discovered multiple scientific publications declaring coffee leaves to be a superfood rich in antioxidants. This aroused his curiosity, and he joined forces with his friend from boarding school, Anders Boserup Lauritsen, with the goal of exploring new applications for the coffee leaves.

From trash to treasure

Coffee leaves are a natural by-product from the cultivation of coffee, and farmers should prune their trees in order to maintain their plantations and raise the yield and quality of their coffee. In Ethiopia however, most smallholder farmers live day to day, and tasks that only have an effect years ahead are not always prioritised.

By putting a value on this by-product, Twisted Leaf is creating an immediate, economic incentive to prune the coffee trees, causing a positive effect resulting in a richer coffee harvest of better quality. Furthermore, by regarding coffee leaves as a sellable product, smallholder farmers gain a much-needed secondary income and improve their living standards.

Twisted Leaf’s current assortment consists of a raspberry lime flavor and a vanilla lime flavor. The coffee leaf infusion is twisted with selected organic produce, a pinch of cane sugar and a splash of organic alcohol. Creating sustainable beverages with exquisite seductive taste.

Source: Twisted Leaf DI (Danish)