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Initiate a green transition with sustainable products and solutions from the Danish food cluster

Sustainability plays a continuously important role when doing business abroad. According to a new analysis by the public-private Danish partnership Food Nation, 44% of the surveyed decision makers in the agriculture and food industry mean that sustainability is more relevant than price and other trading parameters and 83% points out that sustainability will become more important to their company in the coming years.

In the newly released report from Food Nation, 1,229 international decision makers from the food industry has given their views on Danish food and agriculture production. The results show that sustainability has become an even more important issue across the six markets United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India and Japan and that Danish agriculture and food products and solutions are perceived among the most sustainable in the world.

Sustainable solutions as the main driver for green transition

The report shows that the tendency across all markets is pointing towards a stronger focus on sustainability and that it will become an even more important business driver in the future. 8 out of 10 international decision-makers state that sustainability will only become more important for their business in the coming years and 7 out of 10 decision-makers believe that it is necessary to have sustainable products and solutions if long-term growth is to be desired.

“Sustainability is becoming increasing­ly crucial for professional buyers around the world as there is a need to produce more with less, while focusing on the environment, nature and climate. Denmark has a lot to offer within this area because we have been working for decades on that. So even though Denmark is a small country, we are a powerful food nation and ready to share our knowledge and collaborate across nations”, says Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation

The decision-makers also find that companies would have the biggest impact in driving sustainable development. Business relations with companies who focus on sustainability is thus highly valued.

Sustainability, animal welfare and low environmental impact as central Danish strongholds

The analysis shows that Denmark has a particularly strong international image in terms of sustainability, animal welfare and low environmental impact, and more than 55% of decision-makers indicate that products and solutions from the Danish food cluster are among the most sustainable in the world.

There is a great potential to increase the collaboration across markets to spark the sustainable development and the Danish food cluster is ready to deliver the solutions of tomorrow and take part in the green transition.

Download and read the report here.