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Ingredients helps give consumers a taste for skyr

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a special protein ingredient for skyr, allowing manufacturers to deliver products that meet consumer preferences on taste, mouthfeel and appearance.

Skyr is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and has the potential to reach up to 25% of yoghurt volume sales in large dairy markets in Europe.

A recent Arla Foods survey found that consumers across Europe welcome skyr as a novel alternative to yoghurt. It also showed that they want a smooth and creamy mouthfeel with less dryness, a balanced fresh flavor, and a shiny, homogeneous appearance. However, issues with poor creaminess, grainy texture, and sour taste have made it hard for skyr manufacturers to meet these needs.

Nutrilac® YO-4575 from Arla Foods Ingredients is a natural whey protein ingredient specially developed to increase creamy mouthfeel in high-viscosity fermented products such as skyr. In a sensory evaluation focusing on taste, mouthfeel and appearance, skyr produced with Nutrilac® YO-4575 on a separator was found to match consumer preference more closely than a benchmark product.

As well as delivering a smooth mouthfeel and a fresh taste with optimal sourness, the ingredient helps skyr meet expectations of texture. Measurements show that separated skyr formulated with Nutrilac® YO-4575 has a structure that is less firm and dense than a market reference product.

Torben Jensen, Category Manager for Fresh Dairy Products at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Skyr is rapidly heading out of its niche and into the mainstream. However, manufacturers looking to capitalize on its huge potential need to be able to meet consumer preferences on flavor, texture, and appearance. Nutrilac® YO-4575 consistently delivers a creamy mouthfeel, optimum texture and fresh taste, allowing brands to satisfy consumer needs and unlock the full potential of skyr.”

Source: Arla Food Ingredients