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High quality and food safety lay the foundations for Danish food products and solutions

The need for safe and high-quality food products and solutions are pushed up the global agenda in the current circumstances. Danish agriculture and food companies are up and running and ready to deliver.

Danish companies are open for business and every day the Danish agriculture and food companies are exporting products and solutions of high quality and food safety to international markets.

From farm to fork, the Danish food cluster work together to produce the very best raw materials for food production. Through their practices, new international standards for quality and safety are often set. Danish quality assurance systems are also continuously improved. Today, they secure full traceability and transparency in the food value chain, enabling a fast response to any food safety threat. You can get more information about the world class level on quality and food safety in Denmark here.

Denmark – a leading nation for safe, high-quality food

Food quality and safety is deeply rooted in the Danish food cluster. Continuous research and development are key factors in maintaining Denmark’s leading position on the international markets. Our aim is to continue building on the strong foundations for producing safe, high-quality food – for the benefit of our international business partners and to consumers all over the world.

Find your next business partner and explore how Danish standards will benefit your business. Read Food Nations white paper on food quality and safety, which showcases solutions from the Danish food sector here.