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Gastronomic innovation to solve the world’s food problems

Students from all over the world are coming to Denmark for three days 23rd to 25th of August 2017 to come up with ideas on how gastronomy can contribute to improving the world’s food problems.

A total of 29 students from Denmark, China, India, USA and 11 other counties will participate in the global innovation lab UNLEASH at DTU in connection to the World Food Summit – Better For More People. The goal is for the students to come up with solutions to how gastronomy can help shorten the distance between food production and end-users.
“I am looking forward to seeing the ideas and solutions the students will come up with during the competition. It will help support and bring tangible solutions to the table on some of the world’s food product problems” says Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for Environment and Food in Denmark.

The students work will be concerning food security, food waste, diversity of food and knowledge on food. At the same time, it is the intention that the students will contribute to the debate and the solutions, the central to the World Food Summit.
The students will be put in interdisciplinary groups and in the process, be inspired by leading experts on better food for more people, among these will be chef and entrepreneur Trine Hahnemann and Lawrence Haddad, managing director for Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

The four best proposals and the initiators of these will be presented at the World Food Summit – Better Food for More People at the Parliament. Here the panel consisting of Danish Minster for Environment and Food, food experts and business leaders will assess the proposals and pick a winner.
The 24th and 25th of August 2017 the actual competition is hosted at DTU Skylab and will be open for visitors.

For more information on the UNLEASH competition:
Source: Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark