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From waste to taste

Food loss and waste is a global challenge where 1/3 of all produce is wasted. The question is how do we reduce food loss and waste in a sustainable way? Perhaps by using surplus goods from the food industry for tasty stock.

The Danish startup Reduced uses organic seasonal vegetables, protein and other sources of nutrition leftover from conventional food industry to produce different stocks. Stock is used in all cuisines and forms the base of a deep taste. Not only is it used for home cooking, but it is a must have ingredient in professional kitchens. It is what you call an indispensable ingredient for cooking all over the world.

Full flavour in each stock

Reduced reduce food loss and waste and replace it with taste by using clean produce when making the stock where they strive to achieve a well-balanced taste in the stocks. A combination of traditional and new techniques is used to enhance the clarity and flavour in the stock. Each batch is hand skimmed to give the stock greater clarity as fats and impurities that float to the top are removed.

Sustainable food companies create circular tastes

Reduced has so far created four types of stock: Veal, chicken, vegetable and shellfish. Reduce developrecipes to create a deep and intense flavour from upcycled produce. The final products is sold via retail to consumers and to the food service industry. They have teamed up with several Danish food companies so far, who all take part in sustainable food innovation: DANÆG, Kannegaarden, Himmerlandskød, Blue Lobster, Balkan Berries, Tvilling Fisk, Nordisk Tang, Teknologisk Institut and Convi Foods. Within 8 months Reduced has sold over 18.000 units of their pilot products and is distributed in over 60 stores.

Source: Reduced