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From spent grain to new ingredients

Upcycling of industrial food waste into new tasteful and healthy products is the core mission of Circular Food Technology, a small Danish food and ingredient producer, that focus on using spent grain from breweries to produce new ingredients.

Solving the global food shortage while also ensuring a more sustainable production in the future, is one of the key challenges for the food industry worldwide. By providing alternative sources of proteins and fibres without taking a toll on the earth resources and utilising more land for production, Circular Food Technology´s method of upcycling products otherwise wasted, may be an important step towards a sustainable solution.

First and foremost, Circular Food Technology use the brewers’ spent grains from the beer industry, to produce protein and fiber rich ingredients that preserves the fine aromatic nuances of the beer. These can be used as a supplement in traditional baked goods but also in a variety of other food and snack products.

Collaboration is instrumental in resource recovery

The spent grain is the most abundant by-product generated in the beer-brewing process. By upcycling such a byproduct and sourcing it from local producers, consumers are offered a sustainable alternative to other “superfoods”. The process of only using what already has been used, a process Circular Food Technology calls “resource recovery”, thus opens the possibility of more partnerships within the food sector, both reducing waste for producers and providing valuable new ingredients for further innovation.

Right now, the spent grain ingredients are tested in selected restaurants and bakeries. However, Circular Food Technology´s long-term vision is to be able to export product solutions to countries with food scarcity and thereby be part of solving the global food shortage.

Source: Circular Food Technology