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Food Nation is new partner in AIM for Climate

Right now Agriculture Innovation Mission (AIM) for Climate is the most important international public-private platform regarding innovation for climate-smart agriculture and food systems. Food Nation is proud to be partner and engage Danish stakeholders in adapting to climate change.

Climate change threatens the entire food sector, and new technologies, products and approaches are needed to adapt to climate change while supporting growth and jobs.

This is the setoff for the AIM for Climate which is an initiative by the United Arab Emirates and the United States with the target to adress climate change and global hunger by uniting participants to increase an accelerate investment in agricultural innovation for climate-smart agriculture and food systems.

Joint ambitions for tackling climate change

With the same ambitions for accelerating new solutions and products that can tackle climate change, we are proud to announce the Food Nation is now new partner in AIM for Climate.

“The Danish food cluster have a long-standing tradition of collaboration between companies, authories and research institutes, which has strength and accelerated the development of innovative solutions and products that meet the urgent demands within sustainability. We believe that by working together, we can continue to drive innovation and create sustainable food systems that benefit everyone globally” says Lise Walbom, CEO at Food Nation.

On May 8-10, Food nation will join the AIM for Climate Summit premier global event hosted by the United States in Washington DC. The goal of the summit is to support global partnerships and solutions at the intersection of agriculture and climate change, and support innovation in agriculture and food systems for climate action.

The Aim for climate summit is an important stepstone for COP28 in UAE later this year, where the agriculture and food sector are expected to play a central role in the negotiations due to the fact, that the sector accounts for around 30% of the total GHG emissions.

New innovations are needed within Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA)

CSA focuses on sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes, while adapting and building resilience to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. CSA supports the agricultural systems with effectively development and supporting of ensuring food security as the climate changes and challenges production possibilities around the world. CSA operates after three objectives: increase investment, enable coordination and collaboration, and increase cooperation across nations.

Source: AIM for Climate

Denmark’s agriculture and food sector have competencies and extensive knowledge of sustainable initiatives. This will be activated through the Food Nation engagement in the AIM for Climate engagement and you can find more information in the digital white paper on sustainability here.