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EU has appointed Technical University of Denmark as a reference laboratory

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Food Institute has just been appointed EU Reference Laboratory in two new areas: Partial process contamination in food and metals and nitrogenous compounds in feed and food. In the future they will assist the EU food control.

EU reference laboratories, the so-called EURLs, have the task of ensuring high analytical quality in the European control system through cooperation with the national reference laboratories appointed in each member of the EU.

The EURLs will, among other things, ensure that the national reference laboratories use the correct analytical techniques in food and feed control. They must develop new analytical methods when necessary and test the analytical quality of the national reference laboratories.

The EURLs also advise the EU on control and analytical conditions, including what is actually possible to control. The EURLs also have a key role in the food chemistry of unexpected incidents.

“We regard the appointment as the EU Commission’s recognition of our professional expertise in food chemistry analyzes, quality assurance and our general competencies in research-based counseling. We are proud of that, says Institute Director at DTU, Christine Nellemann.

Source: Food Supply
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