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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Denmark’s largest pork exporter will only import sustainable soy

One of the giants in Danish food production, Danish Crown, has announced an ambitious plan of action to only use soy with climate certification. This will include a thorough review of the company’s value chain to ensure that Danish Crown is on track to reach climate neutrality before 2050.

In the value chain for Danish pork production, more than 90% of the product’s climate footprint derives from feed production and fertiliser handling. On a global scale, more than 1 million square kilometres are used for soy production and often result in negative environmental and social consequences in the countries where they are produced.

In the new plan of action, Danish Crown is to ensure that in the future, pigs delivered to the slaughterhouse must have been fed with 100% responsibly produced soy and that by 2025, the pigs from Danish Crown’s owners will receive soy coming only from producers who can prove that their production is sustainable and that farmland used to produce soy hasn’t been used after illegal clearing of the Amazon rainforest.

Danish imports of soy for pig feed account for 0.25% of the world’s soy production. The EU accounts for approx. 10%

You can read more on Danish Crown’s ambitious long-term sustainability goals, targeting a 50% reduction of the climate footprint per kilogramme of pork by 2030 and to become a completely climate-neutral value chain by 2050 here or the Danish Alliance for Responsible Soy Danish Crown action plan here.

Source: Danish Crown