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Denmark invests over EUR 90 million in fund for development of plant-based foods

On February 23rd, 2023, the Danish Parliament unanimously passed a law to create the Fund for Plant-based Foods of DKK 675 million (over EUR 90 million). The aim of the fund is to increase the availability of plant-based options for Danish consumers and to make Denmark a leader in plant-based food production. Plant-based foods are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than animal-based foods, and they are often more nutritious as well.

The fund will support projects that will increase the farmers’ and companies’ interests in producing more plant-based foods, not only for the benefit of Danes, but also abroad. Denmark exports more food than Danes themselves consume, and the new, innovative plant-based products are likely to become a part of these exports.

This news once again illustrates the pioneering spirit of Danish agriculture and food production, with the courage to explore and develop pathways to a more sustainable food production. Most notable is the unanimous agreement to effectuate this law and the deep involvement and support from the Danish parliamentarians to drive the shift towards a food system with less climate impact.

The fund will be used to support farmers and businesses in the transition to plant-based production, as well as to fund research and development of new plant-based products. The hope is that this investment will spur innovation in the plant-based food sector and lead to new export opportunities for Danish businesses.

The creation of the fund marks a significant milestone in Denmark’s efforts to promote sustainability and combat climate change. It is hoped that the investment will lead to a shift in Danish consumers’ eating habits towards more plant-based options and that Denmark will become a global leader in plant-based food production.

News source: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark

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