Denmark as a Leading Country Within Export of High-Value Products in the EU

The Danish food cluster is a leading country when it comes to export of high-value products in comparison to many other EU countries. That is what a new report from The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) shows.

Pig meat, mink fur and butter. Those are some of the high-value products that are great export good from Denmark. In 2016 the Danish food cluster exported goods worth 156,4 bn DKK, (25bn USD), of which 40 pct. were high-value products. These are results from The Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s yearly report “Facts and figures 2017”.

“The consumers are willing to pay an increased price for the Danish products, because we are internationally recognized for our high food security, good quality, traceability and animal welfare,” says Frank Øland, chief economist at DAFC.

The high-value products are products, obtaining an increase in value of 20 pct or more compared to the average price for an equivalent product from the EU.

The food cluster’s value compared

Denmark is one of the countries working very much in the food field which has the highest share of high-value products in the EU. When Denmark is compared with other great food nations in the EU there is only Great Britain, Austria and Italy who have a higher share of high-value products in the EU. Almost all our mink fur and half of our dairy products are high-value products, Frank Øland explains.

The food cluster employed 186.000 people in 2016, 134.000 of these work places are involved with export.

Source: The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

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