Danish Royal Visit to Finland with Focus on Gastronomy



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Danish royal visit to Finland with focus on gastronomy

In this week, an official Danish business delegation will travel to Finland along with HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and the Danish Minister for Environment and Food. Food Nation and 41 Danish companies are joining the trade promotion, where they among other topics will raise awareness of Danish food and gastronomy. Danish gourmet experiences are known world-wide, thus increasing interest in the Danish gastronomic experiences.

With focus on urban solutions, New Nordic Food and maritime industry, 41 Danish companies, therein 21 food companies, will follow HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and the Danish Minister for Environment and Food on the trade promotion. The promotion takes place in Helsinki from the 12th to 14th of September. The Danish companies Thise, Lakrids by Johan Bülow, Danish Crown, Carlsberg and Arla will participate among other Danish food companies.

Great opportunities for Danish products on Finnish retailers

Danish products are regarded as products with high quality among the Finns and due to the geographical proximity of Finland, the Finnish market is obvious for Danish companies to invest in. The Finnish consumption patterns are similar to Danish consumers preferences, so products that are salable in Denmark at a competitive price, are most likely also salable in Finland.

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