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Danish organic plan nominated for SDG award

The organic action plan for Denmark has been nominated for the UN Future Policy Award. An award with the aim to spread the best policies for organic farming to benefit the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

The Danish political action plan regarding organic food and farming has been nominated for the UN Future Policy Award by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The ambitious plan seeks to increase the organic farm area and make cities’ public kitchens at least 60% organic. By working together with actors across the supply chain as well as consumers, implementation is now close to 100%, two years before its due – Copenhagen succeeding the goal and reaching 90% organic status already.

“In Denmark, organic food and farming is seen as a national sustainability sector that must be invested in to grow, on par with Danish wind power or water and energy saving technologies. These all require education, research, innovation, market development, and policies that create sustainable solutions and motivate the people who can create change. We are so proud that our organic policies have been nominated for the Future Policy Award. It gives us new energy to create the next generation of organic food policies”, says Paul Holmbeck, Political Director at Organic Denmark, the Danish association of organic farmers, food companies, consumers and food professionals, which has played a central role in developing the plan.

The Danish organic exports have already doubled over the last four years

Global attention to Danish organic food

The plan combines government subsidies, cooperation across industries and joint communication effort to promote the quality of Danish organic food products – nationally as well as internationally. The Danish organic exports have already doubled over the last four years. Kitchens throughout the public sector have made decisive improvements and reduced food waste dramatically as well as increased the supply of organic food offered. Some have even surpassed the goal of 60% organic food.

Joelle Katto-Andrighetto, Organic Policy and Guarantee Manager at the global organic organization IFOAM, thinks Danish organic policy is a considerable contribution to a prime example practice, for others to follow:

“Danish organic policy is both creative, effective, and ambitious. An example for others to follow, especially efforts to bring organic food into the public kitchens and supporting research and market development. It is clear that an active organic policy has helped make Denmark a world leading organic nation”.


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Photo credit: Organic Denmark