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Too Good To Go

Danish food waste fighter in top-10 of the top 500 FoodTech

Inspired by the Fortune 500, Forward Fooding has just presented the world’s first definitive list of global entrepreneurial talent based on the score of their business size, digital footprint and sustainability, FoodTech 500. Forward Fooding showcases and ranks food tech companies (early-stage startup to scaleup) who take part in shaping the future of tomorrow’s food system.

Fighting food waste through an app

In 2021, several Danish companies once again made it to the official list and ranked on the list as number 9 you will find Too Good To Go, who has created a market place for surplus food through an app now available in more than 17 international markets worldwide.

Forward Fooding interviewed CEO at Too Good To Go, Mette Lykke, about the company’s mission that is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste: “We want to create a situation where no food business, whether that’s a supermarket, bakery, cafe, or food producer or manufacturer, is in the position where they have to be sending food to waste”, she says.

Partnerships and collaborations are key

With current challenges within the food system such as the increased demand for food, food waste and the global emissions of greenhouse gases from food production, Forward Fooding believes innovative technology and agrifood tech are part of the answer. Mette Lykke agrees and highlights that partnerships and collaboration with large corporations are key in creating scalable solutions that can actually impact the food system.

Educating the consumer to reduce waste

In the EU, 10% of food waste is because people are misinterpreting food- and date labels. “Together with these global food companies, we add our label ‘Look, Smell, Taste’ to their Best Before labeled products (biscuits, chocolate, rice, pasta, etc.), to remind consumers to use their senses before throwing away products that have passed their Best Before Date”, Mette Lykke explains. And more than 200 big food brands across Europe have joined the initiative so far.

Source: Forward Fooding (White Paper FoodTech 500 2021)