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Danish Drinks for Distribution 2019

Denmark is experiencing a boom in drinks innovation: from traditional snaps and akvavit to modern Nordic gin.  The event Danish Drinks for Distribution will connect brewers and buyers this September in Aarhus.

Scotland is known for whisky, Cuba has rum, USA has bourbon, but what about Denmark? A few years back, this question would have been hard to answer, but today, Danish breweries and distilleries offer a wide array of innovative and premium drinks – often competing with their more traditional counterparts.

Take for example CPHoriGin, who are taking on gin in a whole new and different way. Inspired by the Nordic kitchen, they distill on of their gins from aronia berries, resulting in a distinct tea-like and fruit-like taste.

Or taste the Danish terroir in the delicious cherry wines and spirits from Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin. The unique Stevnsbær cherry local to Frederiksdal brings new depth and complexity to the drinks, resulting in an utmost delicious and rich product.

A new market of innovation

In the last couple of years, Danish breweries and distilleries have been in a rapid growth, innovating a vast array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Many of these products are inspired partly by tradition and partly by innovation and technology.

The event Danish Drinks for Distribution has taken place in Aarhus’ Agro Food Park yearly since 2015 during Aarhus Food Festival, which is Northern Europe’s biggest food festival. Here, brewers and buyers, distillers and distributors come together for product presentations, workshops and matchmaking.

Take a look in the catalogue of the attending Danish drinks manufacturers to find interesting business partners.