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Companies want to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals a good business deal

The Danish Industry Foundation and The Confederation of Danish industry launches an ambitious project aimed at getting more companies to work with the UN’s Global Sustainability Goals and transform them into business opportunities and more jobs.

When the world’s leaders signed UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2½ years ago it was the end to many long discussions on which are the most urgent challenges today. At the same time, it was the kick off for the race of countries and companies around the globe to deliver solutions to meet the goals. Therefore, more companies need to work on how they can help fulfil the goals and at the same time make it a profitable business. The Danish Industry Foundation and The Confederation of Danish Industry have launched a development project for 8 million DKK, helping businesses reach the goals. 20 companies will be part of a development progress working on individual solutions to each of the goals. The companies will here after serve as examples to follow on how to make business and at the same time contribute to solutions to society’s most urgent issues. The project will be supported by Global Compact’s Danish network and have collaboration with UNDP, State of Green, Food Nation, Copenhagen Business School and The World’s best News. The project is planned to run for 2½ years.

Source: The Confederation of Danish Industry. Read original article here (ind Danish)
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