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Collaborating to feed the homeless

The Danish organisation JunkFood and Dagrofa Foodservice have entered a new collaboration ensuring good ingredients every day to make hot meals for the homeless people of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Good food should be eaten and not thrown away.

This is the opinion of Dagrofa Foodservice, which in 2021 entered into a collaboration with the organisation JunkFood on the delivery of surplus food for healthy and nutritious meals to the homeless.

“We are very pleased that the collaboration with Dagrofa is up and running. It is affirming for our work with the people on the street that such a large organisation will go in and spend resources on both combating food waste and social vulnerability,” says Rasmus Munk, Head Chef and Co-owner of the two-star Michelin restaurant Alchemist and initiator of JunkFood.

The collaboration means that JunkFood can pick up surplus food from Dagrofa Foodservice in a Danish city named Ishøj on a daily basis, which then becomes nutritious food for the homeless.

A double purpose

“I am really happy that we are entering into a collaboration with JunkFood. It is a great way to help a vulnerable group of citizens who already have plenty of other things to think about than how to get a daily meal. In addition, we can reduce our food waste even more, and it is an agenda that takes up a lot of our daily lives,” says Niels Miles Frandsen, CEO of Dagrofa Foodservice.

Specifically, Dagrofa Foodservice sends a daily list of surplus goods that JunkFood can choose from and have delivered the next day. The surplus goods vary, and can be both dairy, refrigerated, frozen, and dry goods.

Due to the VAT rules in Denmark, Dagrofa Foodservice is not permitted to give away surplus food for free. Therefore, it is included in the collaboration that JunkFood pays a modest amount for the surplus goods they receive from Dagrofa Foodservice.

Source: Dagrofa Foodservice (in Danish)