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Collaborate with Denmark and tap into an innovative ecosystem of biosolutions

Denmark has been at the forefront of biotechnology for decades. With a global need for producing more sustainable food in larger quantities, biosolutions is playing an important role in the future of food.

Denmark’s competence in biosolutions extends far beyond its borders and offers a thriving hub of research and innovative strengths for international companies seeking for sustainable, efficient, and modern technologies.

The Danish biosolutions ecosystem is positioned to help support existing start-ups, scale ups and major companies, providing valuable experience and expertise. Denmark’s leadership in biosolutions represents a formidable asset for international companies looking to navigate the complexities of modern food production, addressing global challenges and driving sustainable growth in the food sector.

Catalyzing innovation within biosolutions

Research within the field of biosolutions continues to be extremely relevant for the development of the food sector. As a result, Danish research institutes and universities are providing research opportunities for students interested in biosolutions, with the ability to closely collaborate with existing companies.

The University of Copenhagen has combined the field of food science and environment in the form of a masters degree, diving into the concrete solutions in the food sector. Moreover, Danish Technological Institute has opened a laboratory, The Biosolutions Technology Center, allowing research students, professors and biotech companies to gather and in a knowledge sharing space. The laboratory offers testing facilities and upscaling of biosolutions products and processes, facilitating the translation from research to concrete solutions.

Enhancing the close collaboration between the academia and the industry is pivotal when it comes to bringing a research-based solution into reality and is key for the sustainable and efficient development of the food sector.

Exploring the expertise

Dive into the case collection of specific biosolutions, to discover how Danish innovation can help your company transition towards a bio-based economy, producing more with less.

Biosolutions Case Collection