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Chr. Hansen launches the next generation of FreshQ® food cultures for fermentation- enabled bioprotection of dairy products

The new range of food cultures is a game-changer in terms of low impact on post acidification, which allows a wider segment of dairy producers, retailers and consumers to benefit even more from the fermentation technology.

It has been nearly a decade since global bioscience leader Chr. Hansen launched its first generation of FreshQ®, which is a range of food cultures that improves the bioprotective effects of fermentation in dairy. In this process, the cultures and fermentation help keep food fresh by outcompeting yeast and mold spoilage for the space and nutrients they require to grow. “We utilize traditional fermentation principles to help improve quality and shelf life and reduce waste,” says Peter Thoeysen, Chr. Hansen’s director of Bioprotection.

Now, the company is launching the next generation of FreshQ® cultures, specifically developed to unlock the benefits of bioprotection for producers who may experience challenged cold chains, long fermentation, and in-process holding times. The special food cultures can be applied to a broad range of fermented dairy products, such as yogurt, white cheese and tvorog.

This new generation of FreshQ® enables the dairy industry to level up by offering producers the following benefits:

  • Less post-acidification impact at accelerated temperatures during distribution, or in circumstances involving long holding times or slow cooling
  • Improved sensory fit compared to other food cultures with bioprotective effects
  • The same best-in-class bioprotective performance producers expect from the FreshQ® range

“For customers looking to trim food waste and produce the best possible products under challenging production and distribution circumstances, this new launch is a game changer,” elaborates Thoeysen. “Our new generation of FreshQ® cultures has been selected to enable resilient, consistent outcomes without undesirable impacts on taste and texture — resulting in optimized shelf life, improved sustainability throughout the value chain, and superior freshness that our customers and their consumers can count on.”

Shaping a more resilient industry for a more sustainable world

“At Chr. Hansen, we are committed to shaping a more resilient industry that can, in turn, shape a more sustainable world,” states Thoeysen. “We believe that succeeding in this area means holistically reexamining how the global community consumes food and innovating with long-term outcomes in mind. We aim to contribute to lasting resilience at the individual and community levels by supporting the creation of dairy options that support sustainable lifestyles without the need of adding artificial ingredients. This way, consumers can feel great about their decisions as they enjoy the tasty foods they love.”

Source: Chr. Hansen