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Chicken feed saves the environment from CO2 emisions

New chicken feed with Danish produced peas will on a yearly basis save the environment from approximately 4.500 tons CO2, which is the same amount of CO2 emissions from 2000 personal cars each year.

Danish Agro constantly strives to find solutions with the goal to minimize the climate footprint from the protein they use in their feed production. Danish Agro has experimented with the use of peas as raw material for chicken feed instead of using soybean meal. The experiment has shown good results and that is why Danish Agro has decided to continue using peas for their chicken feed production.

More peas, more benefits

The Danish produced peas have a smaller CO2 carbon footprint than the soybean meal. The chickens will also benefit from the peas because peas can ensure a healthier stomach. The quality of the pill will be improved as well, which means farmers can avoid getting crumbs in the feed.

Peas are easy crops to grow in Denmark. When grain is harvested, peas can have a positive influence for the soil, which gives farmers the opportunity to grow peas on the fields. With this finding, Danish Agro will continue to work on new solutions to replace more soybean meals in the future to create more value for animals, the environment and farmers.

Source: Danish Agro (in Danish)