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Bringing sustainable biobased nutrients to commercial agriculture

New biosolutions reduce the amount of synthetic fertiliser needed while maintaining or improving crop performance.

Danish Novozymes and Anuvia Plant Nutrients, an innovative plant nutrient company, are announcing that they have joined forces to develop a range of combined biotechnologies that will reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers in commercial agriculture.

“By pairing Anuvia’s sustainable products with Novozymes’ advanced biotechnologies, we are changing the paradigm of plant nutrition by making bionutrients a standard tool in commercial agriculture,” says Amy Yoder, CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients, and continues:

“Through this partnership, we aim to double the nutritional value of Anuvia’s products without adding a single unit of synthetic nutrient or increasing the volume used.”

Farmers to require less fertiliser

The resulting products, which might be available during 2022, mean farmers will require less synthetic fertiliser per acre, while achieving equivalent or better crop performance, and will reduce environmental impact through lower nutrient loss and greenhouse gas emissions.

There will be no incremental cost to the grower, nor will they require changes to current farming practices.

“Novozymes and Anuvia share a vision of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to farmers by using biologicals derived from naturally-occurring materials,” says Thomas Stenfeldt Batchelor, Novozymes’ Vice President for Agriculture Marketing & Strategy.

“This partnership will allow for rapid development and deployment of advanced nutrient technology to promote sustainable and efficient commercial agriculture for the benefit of farmers, consumers and the environment,” he concludes

Source: Novozymes