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Brewery extracts CO2 from beer production for sodas

The Danish brewery Ørbæk Bryggeri expects to reduce its CO2 emissions with 50 tons each year with a new plant that extracts surplus CO2 from their beer production.  

A new machine called CO2-Recovery Plant allows Ørbæk Bryggeri to make use of its CO2 emission much better. The plant can in a pressureless environment recover the CO2 from the fermentation of the beer production, which is reused for sodas without influencing the taste nor the aroma.

A healthier environment for all

Before this plant was implemented, the surplus CO2 was released into the air of the brewery. Now the technology decreases the emissions, which has made the work environment healthier for the brewery’s employees due to cleaner air.

Tørk Eskild Furghauge, the CEO from Naturfrisk Group says: ”There are many benefits from using the new machine, which we are excited about at Ørbæk Bryggeri. We are reducing the impact on the climate, we are improving the indoor climate for our employees, we are saving money from purchasing CO2, we are possibly improving our product quality, and we are of course happy to help a Danish entrepreneur who might be starting a successful new Danish Company.”

The CO2-Recovery Plant from DALUM Beverage Equipment offers small and larger craft breweries this advanced technology to make the production more green by reducing the use of water, energy and waste. Today one of the plants is showcased at Ørbæk Bryggeri on Funen where other breweries can get inspired by the invention and purchase the technology to make their production more efficient in many ways.

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Source: Naturfrisk Group