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Around the world people are hanging their decorations on Danish christmas trees

Christmas trees are an important export trade for Denmark. Every year Denmark exports around 10 million trees worth 800 million DKK (107.4 euro), The Danish costal climate is especially perfect for growing Normannsgran Christmas trees, which is therefore also the most popular tree.

Along with Danish pig meat, dairy products, mink and fish, Christmas trees are among the high value products exported from Denmark (products obtaining 20 pct. or more in comparison to the average price for a similar product from the EU). When Danish Christmas trees are sold in Finland for instance, they cost around 90-150 Euro per tree. High quality, sustainable production, market overview and effective logistics making sure the trees go from farm to consumer quickly, are among the reasons behind the Danish success. A Christmas tree is usually 9-11 years under way, so it takes good planning to predict how supply and demand looks, when the Christmas trees have finally grown large enough to be sold.

Even though the Christmas tree is originally from Germany, almost half of the Danish tree export goes to the German market, making it the biggest export market for Christmas trees from Denmark. In recent years markets for the trees in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and UAE have also been emerging.

Source: Danish Agriculture & Food Council