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An outlook on European food habits in 2030

By 2030, European consumers will eat less sugar, beef, pork and milk than they do today. On the other hand, poultry and plant-based proteins will more often be found in the European refrigerators. These are some of the main points in a new European Commission report on the future within food production and consumption in 2030.

New year is all about looking back on the past year, but also getting ready for the year to come. A new report from the European Commission looks on upcoming tendencies in the food industry. Here are three main takeaways from the report.

Alternative proteins and more poultry

New types of proteins are entering the market: Soy, chick peas and even insects. Especially plant-based proteins will see a market growth in this field. European consumers are adding more vegetables to their diet and plant-based substitutions of meat may play a larger role here in the future. But as plant-based proteins will experience an increase, so will poultry. Consumers will generally eat around 700 more grams of poultry by 2030. That corresponds to an increase of 4% in production and consumption of poultry.

Flourishing exports in the dairy sector

Even though the general milk consumption within Europe is expected to decrease, the dairy production will increase. This is both due to an increasing demand from Africa and the new trade agreement with Japan. Hence, European countries will increase their dairy export. Especially cheese, butter and milk powder will gain ground on the global market.

Pork as main consumption group

The European pig production will decline driven by reduced domestic demands as well as beef production and consumption are expected to fall. As EU pig meat consumption declines in the outlook period, additional quantities are expected to be shipped to the world markets, mostly China, which remains the main destination for EU pork. Even though the pig and beef production and consumption is expected to decline over the coming years, pig meat will still be the main type of meat consumed by 2030.

If you’re interested in reading the whole report, you can find it right here.

Source: European Commission, Dansk Industri