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Aarhus university establishes a new powerhouse for food research

The University of Aarhus is building a new Department for food research. It is the starting point of a formation of a significant base, from which future research can be part of the synergy with health research and industry in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

Denmark is a small country, however big when it comes to the food arena. Internationally, Denmark is known for high food quality and world leading research. When the University of Aarhus starts building the new Food Institute, it is the starting point for consolidating and expanding this position.

The Department of Food Sciences currently has world class competencies and interdisciplinary research groups as well as highly active national and international networks. Therefore, the Institute is able to make significant contributions to the global challenges related to food. This includes food supply, food waste, sustainable food production and increased incidence of lifestyle diseases. In the new Department, these forces will be gathered and could be part of the dynamic environment already in Agro Food Park in Aarhus.

Danish Food Institute – further collaboration with food companies

Research and teaching at the Department of Food at Aarhus University encompasses the entire value chain from farm to fork, as well as the health benefits of food and food components. The Institute will be located in new buildings in Agro Food Park in Aarhus and will be able to support and conclude in collaboration with the many companies and organizations that exist today. Agro Food Park is the center for food and agricultural innovation. They focus on developing food of a high quality, which will be in world-wide demand. Agro Food Park houses 75 companies and a 1,000 employees, and more are on their way. Therefore, the location of the new Food Institute is a major step towards further collaboration with food companies and a starting point for a more comprehensive and enhanced food research and focus on development of talents within the food arena at Aarhus University.

Several strongholds gathered in one building

The new Department is an important milestone for the research strategy work at Aarhus University. Since 2011, the Department of Food has strengthened a number of research areas, and this is the culmination of a long-term effort to gather strong research activities in the field of food. It will ensure further synergy between the many research activities already taking place between food researchers and the outside world and the targeted efforts in Agro Food Park.

Food Production is a high priority in Denmark, and development in the sector is strongly linked to research in the field

“Aarhus University has an ambition to establish close contact between the university’s food related research and education activities and the rest of the food industry. I see very great opportunities for increased collaboration with both large and smaller companies when we can open the doors to the state-of-the-art Institute of Food in Aarhus in 2019, and to support the unique start-up environment where good ideas can be made into business,” says Niels Chr. Nielsen, Dean of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus.

Source: Aarhus University
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