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21,5 million cheeses packed more climate-friendly with new packing-strategy

As part of a new, ambitious packing-strategy, the Danish dairy-giant Arla will soon introduce a more climate-friendly packaging for their popular cheeses Riberhus, Klovborg and Arla ØKO. From now on, the well-known cheeses will be wrapped in a packing that, among other things, consist of bio-based foil from sugarcanes and recycled plastic.

The Danes are so fond of cheese, that we during the year buy more than 21,5 million cheeses from Arla. As part of the companys goal of having only CO2-neutral packing before 2050, every single one of those 21,5 million cheeses will from now on be wrapped in the new, climate-friendly packing.

The new packing ensures a CO2-reduction of 173.000 kilos per year. The reduction corresponds to the same amount of CO2 omitted by driving around the globe 37 times in a regular car.

”In Arla we make a great effort to make our dairy-products more sustainable. Here, green and climate-friendly packing is at the very centre of the solution”, says Jakob B. Knudsen, country-CEO of Arla Denmark.

Wrapped in recycled plastic and sugarcanes

When you buy a whole cheese from Arla, you can choose between two kinds: A whole firm cheese, or a pre-sliced firm cheese. The two kinds of cheese are wrapped differently, therefore the new packing is not completely similar either.

Arlas whole firm cheeses will from now on be wrapped in a packing consisting of 75% bio-based foil from sugarcanes, giving a CO2-reduction of 12%. The pre-sliced cheeses are wrapped in a packing consisting of a bottom, that contains 80-85% recycled plastic, while the top contains 50% recycled plastic. This ensures a CO2-reduction of 11%.

A brand-new logo

The new and more climate-friendly packing is part of the dairy-group´s ambitious climate-goal of reducing their carbon-footprint by 30 % before 2030 compared with 2015 and becoming completely CO2-neutral in 2050. At the same time as the new initiative, Arlas new CO2-logo will make it easy for consumers to navigate towards packings that are CO2-reduced.

“We have introduced a new CO2-logo on our products to make it easier for the costumer to find packings that are climate-friendly. We do this, because we want to help our customers making a greener choice”, says Jakob B. Knudsen.

Source: Arla