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19 projects to strengthen green development in the food sector

A total of 19 projects that seek to strengthen the green transition in the food sector have received financial support of close to DKK 104 million from the Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP) under the Danish Agricultural Agency.

A filter system for collecting phosphorus in lowland soils. An automatic video identification of limping cows in cattle herds. Sustainable disposable cutlery from leftover material for take-away. These are some of the projects that have received a share of the financial support for green innovation from a total of DKK 104 million.

“We have selected 19 innovative projects that can help pave new paths for the food industry and solve some of society’s environmental and climate challenges. At the same time, we are helping to launch projects that can support the ambitions of the new political agreements within agriculture, sea, fisheries and aquaculture,” says chairman of the board of GUDP, Mikael Thinghuus.

Paving the way for new methods to reduce food waste

GUDP supports projects that impact both green and economic parameters, which further can be implemented in the industry shortly after. Many of the new projects address current challenges and will, for example, reduce methane emissions from slurry deposits and develop filter systems to collect phosphorus in lowland soils.

GUDP also provides financial support for several projects that aim to reduce food waste. One of the projects are seeking to develop an app that can predict production waste, thus making it possible to reduce potential food waste in production. Another project looks at how food waste can be used in a circular food production.

Facts about the Green Development and Demonstration Program

GUDP supports innovative projects that promote green and economic sustainability in agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and the food industry. GUDP is chaired by a ministerial appointed board, and its members are business people from across the food sector. The program is part of the Danish Agricultural Agency in the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Source: The Danish Agricultural Agency (in Danish)