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World Food Summit – Transforming Global Food Systems to Combat Climate Change

This year’s summit will focus on combatting climate change, and address how the global food systems affect climate change and conversely how the global food systems are affected by climate change. On 5 and 6 May 2022, the Danish Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Mr. Rasmus Prehn, will host the sixth annual World Food Summit.  

The global food system interconnects all people, as well as past and future generations. It is both a contributor and subject to climate change. It is therefore imperative to address important global issues, identify environmentally sound solutions, and take action to build more sustainable, accountable, and equitable global food systems. The climate crisis is a global phenomenon, and efforts made to change the current trajectory by any single nation—or even continent—will be in vain if these efforts are not inclusive, enabled and matched worldwide.

The World Food Summit is an annual accelerator of actions necessary to transform food systems to become more sustainable and accountable. It raises global awareness and advances global commitments and actions that transform food systems for the benefit of consumers, producers, and the planet.

The Summit establishes a global platform for key policymakers, academia, business leaders, civil society, and the next generation of sustainability leaders to identify key actions that will contribute to the green transition of global food systems.

A reminder for the importance of ensuring global food systems

This year, the World Food Summit and associated events will take place on May 5-6 2022 and focus on “Transforming the Global Food Systems to Combat Climate Change”. The Summit will follow-up on commitments made at the UN Food System Summit 2021 and provide critical inputs for world leaders to incorporate into and act on at COP27 in November 2022.

As a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring stable global food systems, this year’s World Food Summit is set in the midst of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which has led to a growing food crisis by disrupting current supply chains, seriously impacting the cost of production and distribution of food around the globe and pressuring commodity markets that had already hit multiyear highs.

Specifically, the World Food Summit will focus on deforestation-free value chains, food loss and food waste, climate friendly diets, and the green transition of the global agricultural production.

The Summit gathers more than 250 international stakeholders from around the world who will work together to identify and define actions necessary to transform the food systems. Collectively, the stakeholders will address current as well as new and innovative pathways for actions in order to contribute to the global roadmap towards combatting climate change. Bold steps are necessary.

Thematic focus

With the backdrop of climate change, World Food Summit 2022 focuses on defining actions in the areas of:

  • Food loss and food waste
  • Climate friendly diets
  • Green transition of the global agricultural production
  • Deforestation-free value chains


Program day 1
1.00-3.30 p m
Virtual Session

Program day 2
1:00 -1:05  pm
Welcome by moderator Dr. Brent Loken

1:00 – 1:10 pm Opening remarks The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr. Rasmus Prehn

1:10 – 1:30 pm
Setting the scene: Transformations based on science and facts To be announced

1:30 – 3:30 pm
Dialogue sessions Climate friendly diets