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Virtual B2B Meetings with Stakeholders from the Indian Dairy & Ingredients Industry

Confederation of Danish Industry, Confederation of Danish Industry India and the Danish Embassy in India are joining forces to arrange a series of exclusive virtual B2B meetings between Danish companies and relevant stakeholders from the Indian dairy and ingredients industries.

This webinar addresses the opportunities in general in India but specifically in the processing industries related to dairy and ingredients companies. The webinar will focus on Danish solutions within the supply chain, such as processing, cooling, food safety, water and energy saving technologies, logistics and more. A profile in the exporters catalogue shows the core competences of your company and will form the basis for the selection process made by Indian companies. Specifically, the Indian stakeholders will use the Danish exporters company catalogue to set up relevant and tailormade B2B virtual meetings.

Tailormade B2B virtual meetings

The webinar intends to bridge the relations between Danish and Indian companies further while also serving as an exclusive steppingstone for Danish companies to foster new business interests and arrangements with Indian companies within the food industry. It is the ambition to follow up with potential Indian customers with a physical visit later in 2021.

The Indian food industry

The Indian food industry is rapidly growing. Today, India has become the biggest producer of dairy products in the world, with an estimated production of 187,7 million tons in 2019. Unfortunately, the current Indian capacity only allows for 53 million tons to be processed correctly. This means that over 50% of the total dairy production in India currently suffer from the insufficient supply chain. To combat this, the Indian government seeks to double the capacity of the processing chain behind the dairy production over the next five years to more than 100 million tons processed milk a year. Moreover, the entire food infrastructure in India is looking for foreign solutions and technologies to help e.g. with cooling and storage equipment, packaging and package equipment, and expertise to help to better educate the employees working in the Indian food processing supply chain.

Why join?

The Indian market can be challenging due to low transparency, complex supply chains, high custom tariffs and more. This makes it difficult for any company, regardless of the industry, to start up. The purpose of this delegation is to provide a unique matchmaking platform for potential partners and make sure you gain the necessary knowledge to start exporting to the Indian market or expand your business in the market. Moreover, the Indian government plans for a major development of the food industry, where Danish expertise is of interest. Join the webinar if you are interested in supplying innovative solutions, expertise and/or technologies to help overcome the numerous challenges in all stages of the processing chain in Indian food industry and especially in the Indian dairy industry.