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Strengthen your positioning in the UK market

Meet the the Retail Champion, Clare Bailey, when joining the Food Nation Masterclass where will get you insights and tools to improve your strategy and branding activities in the UK.

Clare Bailey is one of the UK’s leading business speakers, regularly featured in the major British media channels, such as BBC and SKY. Clare will share her unbiased knowledge on retail, high streets, and consumer matters in the UK and will provide you with insights as to targeting and strengthening your business model to the UK market.

You will also be provided with thorough guidance into Food Nation’s vast (and free-to-use) toolbox of branding materials, that can contribute to your branding activities and you will be updated on how the Trade Council of Denmark in the UK can assist you when exporting or looking to export to the UK.

In short, you will get…

  • Fresh UK specific branding opportunities and consumer insights
  • Knowledge about how UK decision-makers perceive Denmark as a food nation
  • Inspiration on how Danish strengths and attributes can support your work in the UK

The event will be held online in Food Nation’s Virtual Universe

For questions regarding the event please contact:

Emil Meulengracht, Project Manager,, +45 42 70 47 44

Target audience:

We kindly invite marketing, branding and sales representatives from Danish agriculture and food companies in the UK as well as distributors of Danish agriculture and food products and solutions to join the masterclass. Export ready companies interested in the market are also welcome to join.

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