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RAS Connector Series

RAS Connector Series teams up with Denmark as a partner country to strengthen collaboration to highlight solutions for global aquaculture industry at a virtual event.

Join the RAS Connector Series focusing on land-based aquaculture/fish-farming with the main focus being on RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems). Through a strategic partnership with Danish Export Association, a touch of European land-based aquaculture will be part of the RAS Connector Series.

The RAS Connector Series is made up of three live event days via virtual events:

  • June 9: RAS Investors’ Forum and Danish RAS Technology Seminars
  • September 14: RAS Roundtable discussion
  • November 3: RAS Virtual Summit

As a parallel program to the RAS Investors’ Forum, on June 9, Danish RAS Technology Seminars will provide a series of seminars showcasing knowledge, experiences and developments in Denmark’s aquaculture production and technology.

Meet these Danish companies at RAS Connector Series 2021