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The Plant Congress (Plantekongressen)

The largest congress in the Nordic region in terms of plant production, nature, the environment and planning takes place online this year on January 12 to February 9, 2022.

The plant congress is held in collaboration between SEGES, Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen. Due to corona, you now have the opportunity to join the congress online.

Why join?

The program will be packed with relevant topics and will address agendas affecting the entire industry in these years, such as plant-based foods, climate, climate credits, set-aside of low-lying soils, biodiversity and measures for the aquatic environment


January 12: Live-streaming of the Annual Meeting for Agriculture and Food, Plant Production.

January 13: Live-streaming of Plant Congress in two tracks.

January 17-20: 4 days of professional webinars. The first day will be Monday 17 January from 11.30, where you can participate in 3 webinars. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, no less than 5 exciting webinars will be held per. day.

February 8-9: 2 days with webinars from the Nature and Environment Tracks, which are targeted at farmers and employees in consulting companies, municipalities, agencies, etc. Final program will come later.