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The Blue House (Leaders pose for a commemorative group photo at the 2018 Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G) Copenhagen Summit)

P4G Seoul Summit 2021

P4G aims to bring together government, business, and civil society organisations to develop innovative and concrete public-private partnerships at scale to accelerate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After the launch in Copenhagen in 2018, the P4G Summit arrives in Seoul this May.

Meet and network among global leaders and innovators seeking breakthrough solutions for green sustainable growth. Develop partnerships with stakeholders from all around the world in order to advance solutions that help meet humanity’s greatest needs in five areas: food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and circular economy.

The P4G event will be held from the 30-31 May and will include multiple sessions surrounding food and agriculture. The goal is to develop partnerships while enhancing effective cooperation in the agriculture and food sector, by facilitating discussions and lay the foundation for the development of new and innovative public-private partnerships. It is essential to ensure long-term food security and improve nutrition by producing and supplying quality food for everyone while enhancing the productivity and profitability of farmers and adopting and spreading environmentally-friendly production, supply and consumption systems.

Denmark is ready for the P4G Summit in Seoul

Leading up the main event on 30-31 May, a week of engaging talks and discussions is set to spur action and new partnerships.

Denmark invites you to join the dialogue by participating in Danish-led side events:

  • 25 May: In less than ten years from now, more than 8 billion people will demand safe, healthy and nutritious food. As food production accounts for 24% of the world’s CO2 emissions, feeding the growing population is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.  Join Food Nations side event “Steering the green transformation in farming and food – Innovative technology as a key driver” here with opening remarks from HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Food Nations patron.
  • 25 May: How can the Green Restart and the Korean New Deal help economies recover while accelerating the journey towards net-zero emission? At this showcase, we look at how governments and the private sector are working to build smarter, more energy-efficient commercial buildings while enabling growth and climate action. Sign up here. The event is organised by Danfoss.
  • 26 May: Join this GREEN INSIGHT where South Korea and Denmark will share knowledge, solutions and challenges towards carbon neutrality. High-level speakers from both countries will present climate plans and ambitions based on partnerships towards a greener future. Sign up here. The event is organised by State of Green.
  • 27 May: How do we create viable state, municipal and private sector partnerships in moving from biogas to green hydrogen? Join leading Korean and Danish players and discuss ways of finding decentralised solutions to global problems. Secure your seat here. The event is organised by Korea Environment Corporation and the Embassy of Denmark to Korea.
  • 28 May: The Sustainable Food Partnership (SFP) has been a part of the P4G journey since 2018 starting as a Start-Up partnership with the ambition of scoping new and sustainable solutions for nutritious, affordable foods in Ethiopia. In 2020, the partnership transitioned into a promising Scale-Up partnership that demonstrates a holistic and marketable full value chain approach to an SDG2 business case model that benefits base-of-the-pyramid consumers in Ethiopia; all in the shape of a nutritious, affordable biscuit. Sign up and find more information here. The event is organised by DanChurchAid.
  • 28 May: With a focus on offshore wind, this event presents key features and experiences generated from Korea and Denmark concerning regulatory frameworks, initiatives to de-risks investments, spatial marine planning, marked conditions and technological solutions. Sign up here. The event is organised by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Energy Agency.

Find more information on the official P4G Summit event page here.

Source: State of Green