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Navigate the German market: Insights on marketing and sales

Join the upcoming webinar about Germany on May 27, 2.00-3.00 PM (CEST) and get inspired on how to do business on the German market from a marketing and sales perspective. Meet market experts and experienced companies sharing knowledge and learn more about the findings from the latest Insight Report on Denmark as a Food Nation. The webinar will also dive into the numbers inherent in a recent consumer analysis of German consumers conducted by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

Germany represents an important market for Denmark, accounting for 16.8% of the total Danish export of food and agricultural goods in 2023. Germany is a compelling market for Danish agriculture and food companies, driven by German consumers’ strong environmental, climate, and sustainability consciousness. This matches well with Danish commitments to sustainable production and quality standards. With a focus on animal welfare and climate-friendly foods—evidenced by 78% of consumers including vegetables in their diet—Danish companies are well-placed to meet these demands through innovative and responsible production.

The geopolitical landscape, emphasizing local production and resilience, boosts German interest in products that benefit the local economy and environment. This, combined with the German decision-makers’ preferences for high-quality, sustainable products and solutions, offers Danish companies a significant opportunity to increase their market presence. Given that 58% of consumers are concerned about animal welfare and half are inclined towards climate-friendly eating, Danish enterprises can effectively meet German consumers’ evolving needs, capitalizing on Denmark’s recognized strongholds in agriculture and food production.

Utilizing the attributes valued by German decision-makers—quality, health, animal welfare, organic, and freshness—associated with Danish food and agricultural products and solutions, Danish companies can capitalize on the strongholds that intersect with the values of the German market.


  • Export insights from Germany
    By Martin Brauer, Chief Economist & Area Director at Danish Agriculture and Food Council 
  • German market findings from Food Nation’s Insight Report
    By Lise Walbom, CEO at Food Nation
  • Consumer trends in Germany
    By Martin Brauer, Chief Economist & Area Director at Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • Dialogue session: Live from Germany
    By Tanja Asmussen, Senior Commercial Advisor – Food and Agriculture at the Embassy of Denmark in Berlin
  • Q&A and final remarks
    By Lise Walbom, CEO at Food Nation

By participating in the webinar, you will gain insights on:

  • Insights on the perception of Denmark as a food nation by German decision-makers and key areas to emphasize in your marketing and sales approach.
  • The significance of highlighting your commitment to quality, food safety, organic, low environmental impact and natural attributes when doing business in Germany
  • Up-to-date market information covering opportunities and potential challenges to be aware of when exporting to Germany
  • Insights on German consumers and appearing trends

Who should attend? We kindly invite representatives and decision-makers from exporting as well as export-ready companies and organisations within the agriculture and food arena.

This webinar is presented in collaboration with:


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