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Let’s talk! Creating resilient agri-food systems with circularity in mind

Join Food Nation’s Global Food Talk on May 5 focusing on climate action and circular initiatives that can transform agri-food systems in critical times. At the talk, you will meet leading high-level profiles from the Danish and international agricultural and food scene.

The agri-food production and supply chains are under growing pressure from both short- and long-term shocks such as droughts, floods and food price hikes as well as the climate crisis and environmental degradation. Even armed conflict is part of this uncertain time. The sector stands at an important crossroad and needs to respond in times of volatility.

According to FAO, the agri-food sector accounts for one-third of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. At the same time, the global agriculture and food sector need to produce 40–54% more food, feed and biofuel feedstock than in 2012 if we are to feed a world population forecasted to reach 9.7 billion in 2050.

The supply chains are under immense pressure, not least due to the aftermath of Covid-19 and the current armed conflict, impacting food producers and -distribution around the world. Therefore, it is clear that agri-food systems play a crucial role if we are to reach the 2030-agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The main question for this talk is: How can we transform agri-food systems in response to a changing climate with circularity in mind? And how can we protect our food systems from volatility to ensure healthy and sustainable food available to all?


  • Welcome
    Lise Walbom, CEO Food Nation
  • Opening remarks: Green actions toward the 2030-agenda
    HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
  • Denmark’s ambitious road to green transition and international contribution
    Ramus Prehn, Minister for FoodAgriculture and Fisheries
  • Key-note speech: Creating a sustainable food system in the shadow of uncertain times
    Tim Searchinger, Senior Fellow and Technical Director, Food Program, World Resources Institute
  • Actions to transform the agriculture and food sector to be more climate-friendly
    Andy Reisinger, Vice-Chair, Working Group III
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Fireside talk: Stimulating growth and innovation towards climate-friendly and circular food production
    Lisbeth Henricksen, Director of Innovation, SEGES Innovation and Christine Nellemann, Director of Institute at National Food Institute, DTU
  • Fireside talk: The transformative journey towards CO2 neutral agriculture and food production – circular business drivers and actions
    Jesper Burgaard, CEO KMC and Carsten Lind Pedersen, CEO Enorm
  • Wrap up
    Lise Walbom, CEO Food Nation

Why join?

Join Food Nations Global Food Talk on climate to gain knowledge on game-changing solutions, scalable actions, and partnership models for sustainable development, be inspired by international stakeholders focusing on sustainable and circular food solutions for all and become motivated to take action toward the 2030-agenda.

Global Food Talk is contributing to the international debate and will be held as a side event to World Food Summit hosted by the Danish Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and as a side event to Circular City Week New York.

The Global Food Talk is presented by:

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