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Launch of the Danish agri-food sectors ‘Virtual Universe’

Join us for an inspirational morning session on December 8 from 9-10 am, where you will be introduced to the new Virtual Universe in the Food Nation branding platform. You will gain inspiration on how the digital tool can support  your international branding and sales activities 

Get inspiration on how your next virtual export meeting can be turned into an inspiring and impressive experience for your international B2B peers when we are presenting the Danish strongholds, products, solutions and competencies within the Danish agriculture and food sector digitally. 

Discover the Virtual Universe
In the Virtual Universe and Academy of Sustainable Value Chains, you can dive into the strongholds of the Danish agriculture and food sector in a brand new, digital way, as well as explore steps along the value chain within sustainable dairy and pig production. 

Denmark has a strong position and focuses on sustainability in the entire value chain within dairy and pig production and we are proud to present you to the Academy of Sustainable Value Chains, where we will share solutions that can contribute to the green transition internationally.

With the new digital presentation of the strongholds, it is possible to navigate the universe with plenty of interactive elements e.g., explore solutions within fields, barns, processing environments, watch videos, enjoy live-streamed talks, read digital white papers and interact with content in a range of different spaces. 

Food Nations Virtual Universe helps you not only to make your export meeting lively with informative features and videos but also makes it possible for you to host engaging export meetings. Are you eager on knowing more about what Food Nation offers you to support your international branding, marketing and sales work, then we are looking forward to seeing you in our new digital universe for an inspirational morning on December 8 from 9.00-10.00 am. 

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