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Patrick Tomasso

Launch of New Whitepaper: Climate – Driving the Transition towards Carbon-Neutral Food and Agriculture

In a time when climate change poses risks to food security, a new white paper on climate in the agriculture and food sector will be launched on September 19th during Climate Week NYC. This white paper focuses on sustainable agriculture and food production as key solutions for global climate resilience.

Inspired by Denmark’s efforts, the new white paper dives into precision farming, soil management, and climate-resilient crops to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure sustainable agriculture.

The paper explores efficient livestock management and alternative protein sources aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint of the food industry. Highlighted are circular economy practices and electrification in the agriculture and food sectors, showing how sustainability and economic growth can coexist.

Event Details

The launch of the White Paper on Climate is in the evening on September 19th at Sustainability Summit NYC in collaboration with the Danish Consulate General in New York.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, patron of Food Nation, will join the launch of the event, as will Ministor for Finance in Denmark, Mr. Nicolai Wammen.

For more details about the event – and to register your participation, please visit the website of the event.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with leading experts in climate science, agriculture, food production and sustainability. Together, we can contribute to the creation of resilient and sustainable food systems, playing our part in addressing the climate crisis.

Join us to get to know more about innovative solutions in agriculture and food production aimed at creating a climate-resilient future.