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IFAJ Congress

Join the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) congress in Denmark on June 27 to July 3 focusing on smarter farming and food production for green and sustainable growth. 

IFAJ 2022 in Denmark. will showcase the best and most interesting farms, the latest research results and the most innovative solutions. Equally important, you will get a clear picture of the challenges facing Danish agriculture. Political winds do not always blow in favorable directions for agriculture, researchers seek more constructive collaboration from the agricultural sector in debates regarding climate and the environment, and many consumers have a critical view of animal welfare and medicine use on Danish farms, even though the Danish agricultural sector is of the opinion that Denmark is a frontrunner in many of the areas that receive criticism. The fact that Danish agriculture is very export-oriented and in fierce competition on the global market only increases the challenges.

Key dates include:

  • The main IFAJ 2022 Congress will take place in Denmark from June 27 to July 3 in Vingsted.
  • The pre-congress tour will take place from June 24 to June 27 in Copenhagen.
  • The post-congress tour will take place from July 3 to July 7 in the Faroe Islands.

The main congress will consist of 20 excursions over four days. Detailed information is available in this PDF and you can visit the Congress website. In addition to excursions, there will be several workshops, including freedom of the press, and cooperation between ag-journalists across borders.

Join the VIP seminar: Smarter farming and food production for green and sustainable growth

The world population is growing, the middle class is growing and the demand for feed, food and bioenergy is growing enormously. At the same time, sustainability has become an increasingly important issue. Meeting the UN Sustainability Goals requires innovation, new technologies, new partnerships in the value chain and new ways of collaboration. Join the talk at the VIP seminar on June 29 from 8-12 (DK time).

At the seminar, you will meet:

  • Eduardo Mansur, Director of FAO’s Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment (OCB), FAO
  • Denise Campbell Baur, United States ambassador to France and Monaco
  • David Leishman, Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, U.S. Embassy & Consulates in France
  • Arnold Puech d’Allisac, Chairman, World Farmers Organisation
  • Henning Otte Hansen, Senior Adviser, IFRO, University of Copenhagen

Registration is required at before 27 June. The seminar is streamed to all IFAJ members – journalists can also get a link to streaming.

IFAJ is a non-partisan, not-for-profit professional association for agricultural journalists in 56 countries.