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Michelle Chen Møller, Confederation of Danish Industry

Gulfood 2023

Meet 25 Danish companies at this year’s Gulfood in Dubai. Gulfood is one of the world’s largest annual business-to-business food & beverage exhibitions, welcoming food and beverage professionals from all corners of the globe.

Launched as a biennial event in 1987, the exhibition has grown to promote food and beverage trade between more than 125 countries annually, enabling 5000+ providers of raw materials and ingredients to showcase the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the future of food and beverage consumption worldwide.

The 5 days of exhibition take place in Dubai World Trade Centre – a central hub for international trade and commerce.


  1. Famobra A/S
  2. Gumlink Confectionery Company A/S
  3. Food with you
  4. Jacobsens Bakery Ltd A/S
  5. Osterberg Foods A/S
  6. MultiMarketing
  7. Landshandilin
  8. Scandic Food A/S
  9. Free Company A/S
  10. Northern Greens A/S
  11. Jensens Pancakes


  1. Atlas Food A/S
  2. Envases Europe A/S
  3. ESS-Food A/S
  4. Danish Crown
  5. Noridane Foods A/S
  6. Nowaco A/S
  7. Robert Damkjær A/S
  8. Thomson Foodline
  9. Danfond A/S
  10. Tomex Danmark A/S


  1. DANÆG Products A/S
  2. Fayrefield Foods A/S
  3. Nordex Food A/S
  4. Smilla Food A/S