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World Economic Forum / Mattias Nutt

Davos 2020: Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World

The World Economic Forum has its 50th Annual Meeting from 21-24 January in Davos, Switzerland this year. It will bring together 3,000 participants from around the world, and aim to give concrete meaning to “stakeholder capitalism”, assist governments and international institutions in tracking progress towards the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

We stand together for change

The programme for the Annual Meeting will prioritise six key areas; Ecology, Economy, Technology, Society, Geopolitics and Industry. Areas in which the global food and agriculture sector has a large impact and can create change towards a more sustainable world.

Cause there is a way forward to heal a divisive world, but it requires a change in both mindset and behaviour. At the core of the World Economic Forum’s DNA is the stakeholder concept: no institution or individual alone can address the economic environmental, social and technological challenges of a complex, interdependent world. And, true to its origin, the Forum has had a single guiding vision for the past 50 years: to be the platform where business, government, international organizations, civil society and academia can act together to achieve a global impact.

Sustainability at front

The 2020 Annual Meeting will also be among the most sustainable international summits ever held. Awarded the IS0 20121 standard for sustainable events in 2018, the Annual Meeting is fully carbon neutral through reducing, calculating and offsetting event-related emissions. Initiatives put in place to achieve this goal include using locally-sourced food suppliers, introducing alternative sources of protein to reduce meat consumption, sourcing 100% renewable electricity, and reducing or eliminating the use of materials that cannot easily be recycled or re-used, such as carpets and introducing more electric vehicles.

Source: The World Economic Forum