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Marine Ingredients Denmark

Utilizing Unused Resources to Create High-Quality Ingredients

Today, Denmark is one of the global leaders in fish meal and fish oil products and the leading producer in Europe. The Danish fish meal and fish oil producers are committed to sustainable usage of natural resources based on biological advice.

By utilizing small, bony fish with no market for direct human consumption as well as by-products and trimmings from the filleting industry, Denmark has become a global leader in rich feed ingredients that are used in modern, nutritious feed around the world. Two of the largest Danish companies within this field are TripleNine and FF Skagen.

The primary raw materials for both companies are either small, short-lived fish with little or no potential for use in direct food production or upcycled trimmings from fish processing. Used in the production of fishmeal and fish oil, these valuable resources deliver essential nutrients to the fast-growing global aquaculture sector and the livestock sector.

The final product is a rich ingredient that makes positive, sustainable impacts in aquaculture and livestock production

The ingredients are rich in protein and nutrition and obey the highest safety and quality standards in the business. The valuable feed ingredients are used in feed and pet food industries all over the world.

The innovative ingredients from TripleNine and FF Skagen are an example of the Danish food approach where one man’s waste can be another man’s treasure. The usage of trimmings thereby contributes to a circular economy and ensures full resource utilization of fish from the sea.