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Reliably Safe Milk in Half a Minute

GoodProduct is a revolutionary screening method to measure milk quality all the way through the production chain. GoodProduct makes it possible to screen the milk for any impurities such as remains from cleaning materials so the dairy farmer can maintain a high and clean quality and the safety for the consumers is raised to even higher standards.

It takes just 30 seconds for a scanner developed in Denmark to detect whether raw milk has been wilfully adulterated. Developed by FOSS, the scanner is making a big difference in countries where swindlers may try to cheat their way to a better milk price.

India is one of the countries where the established dairy industry must be constantly alert to the risk of adulterated milk. This unfortunate trend puts consumers at risk and undermines dairy reputations.

The scanner assures high food safety and quality, and has reduced milk adulteration by 98% in an Indian region

FOSS worked with Arla Foods and other companies in the Danish food cluster to develop the revolutionary screening method, which can monitor milk quality right through the production chain. Called GoodProduct, the solution analyses the chemical composition of milk, including protein, fat, lactose and total solids. Any impurities are quickly discovered, assuring high food safety and quality.

In fact, GoodProduct is so fast that, if a contaminant is discovered, dairies now have time to call back the milk truck, rather than recalling milk already purchased by consumers.

Many Indian dairies have adopted the tool to safeguard the quality of the raw milk that enters their production lines. In one region, regular control has proven so effective that it has reduced milk adulteration by 98%.