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Online Farm Management Helps Animal Welfare and Production

For many years, finisher producers have been asking for real time data, to manage and monitor the production. Animal welfare is a shortcut to optimisation of production and Danish technological solutions help farm managers by offering tools to identify and utilize shortcuts.

When Lee N. Farm finalised building their new finisher farm in South Korea, the four houses were fully equipped with SKOV ventilation and farm management system – designed for optimal animal welfare and production results.

Each house has four sections containing 450 pigs ranging between 34 kg and 120 kg. In addition to a new low power ventilation system securing fresh flow of air and good room temperature without draughts the farm has also chosen to install FarmOnline from SKOV.

Real-time data for real-time management

SKOV have many years’ experience and have installed systems in more than 50 countries across the globe. The FarmOnline management system provides real-time data on the production to the manager, whether in the farm office or on the go. Further, SKOV can be granted access to the data if assistance is needed.

Through a bundle of apps the FarmOnline gives you an overview at livestock house, farm, and business level, enabling you to optimise animal welfare and production. The modules will even be cloud-based in a near future.

Considerable difference

When the first pigs arrived in June, in hot and humid weather, the pigs were comfortable in their new houses. Clear indicators of increased welfare under the new conditions include that the pigs are well ahead of the previous performance indicators approaching the target weight of 120 kg two weeks earlier than the previous production cycles.

The Danish farm management solutions from SKOV are available to pig producers around the globe searching for improvements in sustainable production and output.