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Less Yoghurt Waste with Natural Bioprotection

Short product shelf life is a major sustainability problem for the dairy industry. Once purchased by consumers, a large proportion of fermented products such as yoghurt, sour cream and cottage cheese end up as household waste. The challenge many manufacturers face is how to keep products fresh for longer without resorting to unwanted food additives.

Bioprotective cultures from the Danish ingredient company Novonesis are an effective solution. Drawn from nature, the cultures protect fermented dairy products from spoilage caused by yeast and mould – even when storage and cold chain conditions are difficult.

A longer shelf life minimises waste and protects the brand’s reputation

Ten years after the initial market launch, Novonesis introduced a new generation of bioprotective cultures that offer even better stability at high distribution temperatures and a better sensory fit, so taste and texture are always at their best.

Novonesis has more than 50,000 microbial strains in its collection – an excellent starting point for finding the right strain for every trend, need and sustainability hurdle.